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May 19


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You feel something warm cross over your chest and down under your shoulder as you lay in bed. You're still half asleep, so you don't bother to say anything or open your eyes. You feel the hand tug at your shoulder.
"Turn around." You hear Levi command.
You lazily turn around and are immediately found in an embrace. You nuzzle your face into his chest, and you feel his strong arms tighten around your back. A small smile spreads on your face as well as a feeling of content in your breast.
He places a small kiss on the top of your head.
"You know," He says, "We're going to have to get up sometime today."
You make a sound of disagreement.
"It may be a day off, but I still have documents I need to finish for Erwin."
You nod your head.
"And you have to help me with them."
You groan.
"Get up."
You shake your head. He sighs and starts to push himself up off the bed. You quickly wrap your arms around his back and tug him back down onto the bed. He places a hand on your forehead and tries to push you off, but you refuse. Knowing he would never win this fight, he lays back down with you. A sleepy triumphant smile appears on your lips as you squeeze him. He looks at you and then wraps his arms around your neck. He brushes his fingers through your [h/l] [h/c] hair and admires the way it shines in the small rays of sunshine that poured in through the cracks in the curtains, and the way that the soft curls fell from his hand.
You hum in response.
"Are you going to be mute for the rest of the day or what?"
You shake your head.
You hear an aggravated sigh, and you feel him shift on the bed. You hold on tighter to him to make sure he doesn't leave again.
"Are you going to open your eyes?"
You groggily open your big [e/c] eyes.
A warm feeling spreads through your heart as you look up at him and see that you have his full, undivided attention.
"There. Now was that so hard?"
You nod your head.
He scoffs at your childish answer and leans down to kiss you softly on the lips.
"I love you."
Your cheeks turn a light pink.
"I love you too Levi."

Extended Ending:

"Now get up." He orders you. You groan but drag yourself out of bed and pull the curtains back.
"Wha-" You say in shock. The sun was high up in the sky. Higher then you had thought.
"What time is it Levi?!" You turn to look at him.
"I told you to get up but you didn't listen to me." He says simply. "Oh," He looks at you as if he remembered something. "The commander wanted me to tell you to be at his office at exactly 10:30 am. That was two hours ago."
You start to scramble around the room for clothes before he even finishes his sentence. Once you are completely dressed you run to the door, but before you exit, you turn to Levi and place your hands on both sides of his face and pull him down to eye level, which isn't very far.
"You're lucky I love you." You growl before kissing his nose and opening the door, ready to run down the corridor.
"I don't know what I'd do if you didn't." He replies as you run out the door.
I felt bad for not doing a lot of stuff, so here ya go!


SNK characters belong to Hajime Isayama 
You belong to you!
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